Summer Festival Schedule 2019


May 2-11: MAN CAVE at Tampa Fringe Festival

May 17: BREAKNECK JULIUS CAESAR Lakeland Florida

May 16-26: LOT O' SHAKESPEARE at Orlando Fringe Festival

July 17-28: MAN CAVE at KC Fringe Festival

August 1-11: MAN CAVE at Minnesota Fringe Festival

August 15-25: MAN CAVE at Edmonton Fringe Festival

August 21-Sept 1: MAN CAVE at Victoria Fringe


Man Cave

A One-Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy

Written and Performed by Timothy Mooney

Tim Mooney, of Breakneck Hamlet and Breakneck Julius Caesar fame, leaves behind his tales of the distant past, jumping ahead to the looming existential comedy awaiting us all at the tail end of climate change.

From his narrow, lonely bunker, what may be last man on Earth plays out his own theatre of the absurd to the scattered remnants of a vast, empty planet. Realizing there may not be anybody left listening, Tim turns his attention to those corners of the universe that may yet be picking up radio waves, sharing lessons in how NOT to end up like we did! Along the way, he dreams up his own radical collection of “Ten Commandments” for whatever Klingons or Vulcans might still be out there listening!

Pathetic and hilarious, Man Cave is a rallying cry screaming out into the darkness: “Al Gore replaced by William H Macy, with a lot more swagger and humor than the former vice president could ever manage!” (Orlando Sentinel)

This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a few final stabs at last-minute gallows humor. It’s the performance of a lifetime… the one where we all hope the last joke’s not on us…!

Check out the Man Cave Audience Reaction video on YouTube!

Breakneck Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar ‘recklessly sliced’ into a one-man one-hour epic!

by Timothy Mooney

“It's the greatest thing since sliced Caesar!”

Tim Mooney cuts away two hours of asides, diversions and blind alleys, stripping away just the right number of extraneous “trees” to reveal the essential “forest” of Shakespeare’s great historical tragedy in this one-man one-hour romp.

Mooney bridges Shakespeare's original language with ongoing narration and wise-guy commentary that keeps the audience in the story with just enough background to understand how this play must have looked to Elizabethan eyes.

At a single taut hour, Breakneck Julius Caesar serves up one of Shakespeare's greatest speeches, the world's most famous assassination, and even a surprise ending! No matter how many times you’ve seen the play before, you probably won’t see it coming!

Lot O' Shakespeare

Monologues from Every Shakespeare Play Selected at Random

Performed by Timothy Mooney

"Takes highbrow art and mixes it with lowbrow fun. Mooney is an engaging presence and can switch from indignation in 'Comedy of Errors' to earnest in a love sonnet to comical Malvolio in 'Twelfth Night.' He may not be as physically imposing as some actors to play Henry V, but his St. Crispen’s Day speech made me want to take up arms with him." (Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel theater critic)

"If Shakespearean were an official language, then Timothy Mooney would be fluent. Flat out riveting." (Sultana F. Ali, Contributing Writer, The Daily City, Orlando)