"Mooney’s Greatest Speech is very well executed in a delightful blend of humor and history... [In] eight iconic speeches… moving chronologically from Socrates to Martin Luther King, Jr., …he attempts to examine why these particular orations have transcended eras and how they may affect us now in the twenty-first century. Heady stuff, but Mooney achieves this with charisma, energetic pacing, and interesting anecdotes about each speech and speaker, keeping the audience riveted... Mooney doesn’t cheapen his interpretations of the speakers with exaggerated accents, although he does embody their characters fully and believably… FDR’s depression-era address is astonishingly timely to today’s political and economic climate in the United States, and it elicited spontaneous applause from the opening-night audience at key moments."
(Kristin Shafel Omiccioli,

"It was a powerful performance, and it proved impossible to top as the high point of my evening."
Deborah Hirsch, Pitch)

"Mooney mines the words of great historical figures from Socrates to Winston Churchill. In other words, his source material is strong. In a shrewd move, Mooney mixes in surprise offerings with the speeches we've all heard before always brought back on track by the power of those great words." (Matthew Palm, Orlando Sentinel)

"Amazing preformance by a great orator!
The entire audience responded with enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of every speech he delivered, as well as at the end of the performance.
Some of the lesser-known speeches ... still stun today."
(Kansas City Fringe audience reaction posts,

About the Show

Tim Mooney, entered the words: GREATEST SPEECH OF ALL TIME into “the Google,” and this play is the result! Ten speeches, including Socrates, Frederick Douglass, Abe Lincoln and more! Searing, powerful dances of rhetoric and inspiration, leaping across the chasm of history! Mooney explains, “I love being able to bring moments of historical consequence, where great deeds hang in the balance, to immediate and tangible life.”

"The Greatest Speech of All Time" leads the audience through the words that shaped history, as they were being spoken. Mooney’s special proclivity for recognizing and interpreting the shades of irony and hyperbole which informed the oratory, and his ability to untangle the “spaghetti” of centuries-old syntax, recreates these events, enabling the audience to experience the moment when everything hangs in the balance!

“The show moved me to tears,” noted one audience member. Others called it “incredible,” “amazing,” “fantastic,” inspiring!” The Orlando Sentinel called it “strong… shrewd… smart” and “powerful.”

A Brief Intro


Frederick Douglass Speech