Timothy Mooney Biography

MooneyTims1Timothy Mooney is the author/adaptor of "Breakneck Hamlet" and "Shakespeare's Histories; Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace!" new one-man plays which "crack the code" on Shakespeare's most challenging plays, making them accessible to audiences everywhere. Mooney's acting textbook "Acting at the Speed of Life" is breathing life into stylistic performance at high schools and colleges, while his "The Big Book of Moliere Monologues," has given actors everywhere a new resource for comic classical auditions. Over fifteen years, Tim has performed his very first one-man play, "Moliere than Thou" over 500 times, giving some hundred thousand students their first introduction to Moliere. He also presents one monologue from every Shakespeare play in his one-man show, "Lot o' Shakespeare," along with his collection of some of the most amazing speeches ever, in "The Greatest Speech of All Time." Mooney is the former founder and editor of "The Script Review" and also the former Artistic Director of Chicago's Stage Two Theatre, where he produced nearly fifty plays in five years, including many new versions of the plays of Moliere, featuring Mooney's impish sense of rhyme. These seventeen iambic pentameter variations of the plays (most published by Playscripts, Inc.), have been produced over 150 times, around the world. These productions have gone on to high school competition finals around the U.S., while his "Doctor in Spite of Himself", took third place in the Scottish Community Drama Association National Festival. Mr. Mooney continues to present six one-man shows across North America, and recently added a new rhymed version of “The Servant of Two Masters” to his catalogue!