Breakneck Romeo & Juliet





  • “…grounded and true to William Shakespeare’s popular play… Tim tells the beloved story of these “star-crossed lovers” without the unnecessary baggage in less than 60 minutes… Tim relies only on skills and an unbeatable stage presence.” — Mallory Moad,
  • “Breakneck Romeo & Juliet, currently running at the KC Fringe, does not disappoint…Mooney deftly maneuvers the show’s twists and quick-switching tones, giving each character and their journeys the weight they deserve. Mooney’s show might be a whirlwind but it is not short of humor, heart, or depth.” -Vivian Kane, KC Studio
  • “This oft-told story of the Montague and Capulet houses is given new freshness by stripping away some of the back and forth into a lean less-than-two-hours. In carving off the flash, it brings back the feeling that the young lovers are blind, impetuous, and maybe a little dumb. It also rightly puts more emphasis on the families, symbolic of a decadent Italy that’s starting to get sick of their nonsense leaving blood in the streets of Verona.” -Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground
  • “It’s every bit as tragic as we might assume, but with Tim Mooney’s special snarky take on “just what Shakespeare may have been thinking at the time,” we can’t help but laugh again and again! Voted ‘Best Virtual Show’ of the 2022 ‘So Many Shakespeare’s’ Festival.” -News Channel 8
  • “A one-man explosion of Shakespeare’s most-beloved classic in a story that is a lot funnier than we ever knew it was.” -do317


Adapted and Performed by Timothy Mooney


About the Adaptation

A one-man show with Tim playing both Romeo AND Juliet… the Friar AND the Nurse! AND Mercutio, Tybalt, Old Capulet, Old Montague and ALL the rest! WINNER: Best Virtual Show at the So Many Shakespeares Festival, 2022!

Tim Mooney exposes his “Multiverse” interpretation of Shakespeare’s most popular romance! How many different timelines might have found Romeo ending up with Rosaline? Juliet winding up with Paris? Or Friar John escaping quarantine to get the letters to Romeo in time? These and dozens of other coincidences set these two “star-crossed” lovers on a trajectory that left, not only them, but also Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris and Lady Montague DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!

For Shakespeare lovers, novices, and everyone who finally wants to get what the big deal is with Romeo and Juliet, this production is an epic one-man tour de force in an hour! Tim Mooney takes you “into the Julieverse!” presenting Shakespeare’s great tragedy of star-crossed teenagers! He’s the Nurse, he’s the Friar, he’s the oldest, male-est Juliet ever attempted on stage!

Tim Mooney informs, enlightens, educates, and entertains through our great theatrical thinkers. Through Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre, he has produced six one-man award-winning Shakespeare shows over the last fifteen years at over eighty-plus Fringe Festivals.

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