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  • “It’s a sci-fi action flick, a thriller, a mystery and a road movie all boiled into a riveting one-man show. … Seasoned Illinois actor and playwright Timothy Mooney convincingly — and with great range and depth — plays an identity-less terrorist who is taken from his mother at birth and raised in seclusion to be a killing machine. … The intrigue culminates in an edge-of-your-seat finale in which the terrorist quite literally holds the fate of America in his hands.” (Cheryl Binning, Winnipeg Free Press)
  • “Timothy Mooney’s science-fiction drama begins like the preface to a Stanislaw Lem dystopian-novel, morphs into an American road movie, and ends with a comic espionage sequence Woody Allen might have written and all for the price of a one-man show. … In his confident hands, the drama unfolds at a captivating pace and the dark comedy crackles.” (Darby McGill, Seattle Fringe Review Rag )
  • “Timothy Mooney is a consummate story-teller… if someone had told me yesterday that I would be listening to the innermost thoughts of a terrorist as he planned the execution of his suicide mission and identifying with his hatreds and fears, I might have hit them. Mr. Mooney took me somewhere I never thought I would go.” (Stacy Rowland, “
  • (5 Stars) “Meets All Criteria for Great Fringe” by Kale Ganann: Timothy Mooney’s epic one-man journey into a possible future carries with it wonderful humor, dark speculation, and a damn great time. The piece dwells on such topics as discrimination, security, arrogance, and identity, and it will leave you thinking about the themes for a long time.
  • “Criteria is a futuristic, sci-fi conspiracy thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat… Mr. Mooney embarks on an adventure that will satisfy the most ardent fans of the sci-fi genre.” (Ken Gordon, The Jenny Revue)
  • “In a world where racism has been replaced by numberism, your social security number determines your very existence. One man, on a mission to wipe out the ‘bloated, bourgeois Fives,’ finds his entire worldview challenged by a chance encounter in a country diner.” (Artistic Picks Finalist, Seattle Fringe)


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A One-Man Comic Sci-Fi Thriller! Three hundred years into the future, numberism has replaced racism, and your Social Security Number determines your very existence. One man, on a mission to wipe out the “bloated, bourgeois Fives,” finds his entire worldview challenged by a chance encounter in a country diner. Raised under the radar, the man has been brought up to bring about the destruction and the conquest of “the Fives” at a time when the United States has splintered into six “Unions,” areas determined by the first digit of the Social Security Number each citizen now carries, tattooed on the palm of his or her hand. “Criteria” is a One-Man Play written for a single, agile performer (Timothy Mooney, himself, created and performed the role in the play’s world premiere), who plays Terrorist, Waitress and Trucker in quickly shifting character dialogue that is both hilarious and thrilling.

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