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  • “Man Cave has a solid scientific grounding but at the same time manages to be exceedingly funny in addressing an horrific but increasingly likely future.·It is both intellectually and emotionally compelling and worth watching more than once. I couldn’t recommend it more for high school and undergraduate students. It ought to be required watching for all US voters!”· –Peter B. Ortner, Research Prof/Director Emeritus
    Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
  • “I’ve had great student feedback on it. It really stimulated interesting conversations in a number of our classes, and opened the students’ minds to communicating science through the arts. It was truly fantastic!” –Kiki Patsch, Environ Sci & Resource Mgt CSU-Channel Islands
  • “Special, profound and absolutely hilarious… [A] spectacular discovery… beautifully constructed… the effect is brilliant… this play is absolute perfection… a kind of Twilight Zonesque prophetic cautionary tale… a wildly entertaining foreboding… I absolutely loved this show…”–Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,


About the Show

Man Cave, written and performed by Timothy Mooney, finds the “last man on earth” (coincidentally named “Tim”) burrowed into what is essentially a Hobbit home, somewhere in Canada, broadcasting into a microphone for whomever might yet be out there listening. Realizing that perhaps there may not be anyone out there still listening, Tim faces the inability to have any impact on humanity itself, and turns his attention to warning whatever far corners of the universe may still be out there receiving radio waves. Along with a stirring rallying cry for saving the planet, Man Cave walks the line that drips with both irony and edgy gallows humor.

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Timothy Mooney in “Man Cave”

Man Cave




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